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Weekend in the burbs

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We decided to make a last minute trip to Worcester this weekend to celebrate Christmas with Doris (almost 4 months late/or 8 months early – depends how you look at it) and St. Patty’s Day.  Having Chet and Bean there was a little challenging.  The ride up in itself was tough, having two dogs fighting for a space on my lap (while drinking a yummy Wendy’s Frosty/having a conversation with Mike AND typing on my Blackberry) . . . Bean decided to wake us up at 6am every morning by barking nonstop (I don’t know how you do it Mom) and Chet used the family room rug as toilet paper (if you want details that is a phone conversation :)).

Nothing that exciting . . . but here goes.

We did something I’ve never done before (and wouldn’t mind doing again) . . . went on a brewery tour (Wachusett Brewery):

Both of us know that I’m not a beer expert (and its definitely not my first beverage of choice) but it was cool to see how these three young recent graduates gave up their day jobs (in 1994 – they expect to be profitable in 5 years) to start a microbrew and never looked back.  It started with one type and has grown into many (shown on this table).  One is even sold at Fenway park

Touring the brewery was actually Lauren’s idea . . . and Ryan came along as well.

After having a taste (or four)

The tour began

Following the tour we all went back to the house, ate Italian takeout and watched Dinner for Schmucks.  SOOO funny.

This morning after a run we had our  “Nick & Pat” celebration . . . which included ambrosia smoothies made by Ryan

Green (for St. Patty’s Day of course) potato lakes that had many different topings

A pear and toasted walnut salad with honey mustard vinegrette and monkey bread (YUM) .

I played Santa . . . and Doris was so happy (she says hi to Mom-Mom btw – soooo happy that she wrote to her!)

See you next weekend!

Written by bevanddara

March 13, 2011 at 10:40 pm

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  1. Someone got cool kicks.


    March 14, 2011 at 2:02 am

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