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We walked Manhattan

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Yep, we had quite an adventure.  On Friday, I started out at Janice’s, and drove to Newark meet Cathy, who had taken a train.  When she stepped into the car, she told me her flight had been wonderful.  No, didn’t read that incorrectly.  I picked her up in Newark, the airport train station is at the airport. It was a fairly easy drive to your apartment.  It is quiet here without you, Mike and Chester.

Cathy and I had a great weekend, thank you for the use of your home.  On Friday, we took the subway to Mood around noon.  Another place without a dog, Swatch had the day off.  I embarrassed Cathy by asking for the fake fur section.  It’s the FAUX fur section.  It’s hidden in the back of the top floor of Mood. Cathy wanted fur for her hoodie, now that spring is here.  We also bought red wool to make a purse that Cathy designed.  We then walked from 37th to Canal Street.  We had a stop at City Quilter, which is around 20th Street.  We bought NYC subway traffic for the lining of our NYC purses.  The cold (FREEZING) air kept us hustling to Purl Patchwork/Fiber on Broom Street.  Cathy was so impressed at how the traffic moved so quickly when drivers blew their horns.  Horn blowing by fire trucks was just as successful as that by other drivers. No one moved, even for them!  We were so happy we had driven by Purl, without knowing how close we were, earlier in the day and didn’t try to drive over the Brooklyn bridge at non-rush hour.  We squished into the subway for a ride home.  We checked mapquest to find out how far we had walked.  Your computer should be checked for mapquest errors…it said we only walked 2 1/2 miles.  Of course, that didn’t take the wind resistance into account.  That evening, Cathy was a tough taskmaster.  Every time I was ready to turn off the sewing machine, she squealed about how cute our NYC purses were, so I would sew another seam.  She finally let me go to bed around midnight.

Saturday started with a cup of coffee from my new favorite shop, which is next to Brooklyn Baked Goods. (Who knows the real name of the coffee shop?)  We wore warmer clothes, remembered our hats and gloves and headed to the Park Avenue Armory for the Red Quilt show.  It was amazing.  Stunning.  Spectacular.  There were 650 full size red and white quilts hung in the air, the walls were black, the setting was done by a theatrical designer, lighting was perfect.   To quote the brochure about the quilts, “While the idea of hundreds of quilts is impressive in the abstract, in actuality it is an unprecedented and immersive experience, both visually and physically.”  I’m reliving the incredible experience just writing about it. The show is on until  Wed.

Cathy and I continued our NYC fabric/crafting immersion by visiting several bead/button/notion shops.  I don’t think she will have any problem finding places to go the next time she Chet sits.  We learned that if you go back to Mood on Saturday, it closes at 4:00.  We returned to Brooklyn and had a delicious dinner at Williamsburger.  I had the awesome Asian Chicken Burger.  I think I’m going to learn how to make them at home.  We worked on the purses (I bet Cathy already has pictures on Facebook) and watched The Tourist.  I liked the movie, and Angelina had some GORGEOUS fashions.

Today, we went to the bagel shop and had bagels and coffee before I walked Cathy to the subway.  I really enjoyed our time together.  I moved your car (to Whythe and 4th- you have to move it on Tuesday.) I fixed your sweater, coat and Mike’s shirt.  I had a chicken wrap from one of the shops on Bedford for dinner.

I hope you are having a great time, enjoying the snow during the day and the fireplace at night!

I am leaving feeling re-energized.


Written by bevanddara

March 27, 2011 at 8:03 pm

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