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Jackson Hole: Trip to the Wild Wild West

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I can’t believe I’m posting pictures of snow when it’s almost April . . . I also can’t believe that’s it’s still in the 20s in NYC either . . . such a bummer . . . really wanted to come back to Spring-like weather . . .

We had a great trip to Jackson.  The Four Seasons was very nice.

They had an awesome pool – and the women that worked at the pool actually wore those big fuzzy hats – didn’t realize it was a uniform until I looked at the website.  There were heated lockers for your robe, s’mores with peanut butter cups and yummy warm cocktails that were served hot tub side.  (these are hotel photos obviously.  :))

The hotel was very cozy and peaceful . . . but our trip was not very cozy and peaceful . . . we skied from the time the mountain opened until it closed almost every day (I’m sure you’re very surprised).  Here is a map of the mountain.

Do you see the tram line – I actually went up there with Mike once. Black Diamonds in Wyoming are like Quadruple Black Diamonds back East.  I felt like my legs were going to buckle and that I was going to throw up . . . and we hadn’t even gotten off of the tram yet.  But with Mike’s gentle coaxing  I made it down in one piece, felt very accomplished . . . and NEVER went near the top again.  You would be very proud, Mike and I both wore helmets and I’ll probably never go skiing without one again.

Here are a few pictures of what our days looked like.  Notice the Bloody Mary picture . . . the outside bartender at the resort made the BEST BLOODY MARY ON THE PLANET so I had that include that in this post.  The deck to the right of the drink picture is where we hung out after a full day on the slopes.  They had a fire pit and it was usually sunny by that time . . . a great place to relax and plan your evening.

On Saturday morning, to give our legs a little break, we decided to go on a sleigh ride through the National Elk Refuge.    The National Elk Refuge is 24,700 acres and supports 5,000-8,000 wintering elk and provides habitat and food for animals like bison, wolves, coyotes, bighorn sheep and several species of migratory birds. Here are a few pictures – it was an awesome little side trip.  That first picture is our tour guide, Lynn.

Also on Saturday night we went to a snowmobile trick show at the Jackson Fairgrounds.  It was part of Snowmobile Hill Climb World Championship.  I know, you probably didn’t know that there was such a thing!  Sebastian’s friend, Dane Ferguson, was in town from Alaska (they drove straight through!) to be a part of the show.  Here are a few pictures – some VERY interesting people watching.

Of course a blog entry of mine about vacation wouldn’t be complete without a restaurant review.  The Snake River Grill was saved for our last night and was well worth the wait.  Our dinner included Chorizo Stuffed Dates, Brussels Sprouts with Guanciale (which I later found out as pork jawl – GROSS – but really good), Toasted Chestnuts and Sage,  Pan Roasted Day Boat Scallops with Marinated Artichokes & Endive with Celeriac Puree, Cast Iron Roasted Elk Chop with Sweet Potato Mash and Romesco Jus (poor little Elk that we just visited on Mike’s plate!).  We of course finished it off with the SRG Eskimo Bars (which Giada De Laurentiis named the best thing I ever ate) which are chocolate-dipped brownies & vanilla ice cream with hot caramel dipping sauce.  This is what it looked like . . . warm and cozy like most of the places in Jackson . . . love it.

One of our favorite watering holes was the Million Dollar Cowboy Bar which is very cool and very cowboyish.  They had saddles as seats at the bar and the entire restaurant was made with knobbled pine from Yellowstone.  Here are a few pictures.

We also visited the Snake River Brew Company (2 breweries in 1 month – wow!) . . .

the Mangy Moose . . .

a place called the Village Cafe (BEST breakfast sandwiches, Americanos and oatmeal cookies),  The Peak which was in the Four Seasons, El Abuelito for Mexican in Jackson and this place called D.O.G that had the best breakfast burritos in town.

Great trip . . . but we’re exhausted and were so excited to see this little guy!

Mike is off to Miami tomorrow and then Dallas on Friday . . . I so wish I could tag along to get some sun!  Hope you had a safe trip home.

Written by bevanddara

March 29, 2011 at 10:55 pm

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