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I love the pagentry!

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I work up at 3:55, went into the living room, and found out that the actual wedding was not going to occur until 6:00! I fell asleep on the sofa, and somehow woke up at 6:00.   Thank you for putting great pictures on the blog (so you don’t have to correct my pictures.)  I loved how happy Kate and the Prince looked.  I liked the “silhouette” of the dress (learned that word from Project Runway) but I would have liked a fancier bodice.  A few pearls and a few crystals would have dressed it up just a bit and made it just enough for me.  I want to know what shoes she wore.  Whatever shoes she wore, she somehow managed to combine being dainty and regal at the same time.

I’m so happy the weather held so they could go the palace in the horse and carriage.  I wish them a lifetime of happiness!

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April 29, 2011 at 9:47 pm

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The Day Has Come

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I really do think she looks pretty amazing . . . what do you think?  Love that she chose Alexander McQueen too.   These two really do look like they’re in love and I wish them a lifetime of happiness! 🙂

I would have been completely embarrassed wearing my silly little outfit next to these lovely ladies!


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                            Erin from Elements of Style said this, this morning, “One thing is for sure, somewhere Alexander McQueen and Princess Diana are drinking champagne and toasting!” 

I really hope they are.  🙂  Happy Friday!

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April 29, 2011 at 11:30 am

The Royal Wedding

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Soooo . . . of course we have to have at least ONE blog post about the upcoming wedding.  I know its annoying to keep hearing about the wedding . . . but I have to say I have butterflies in my stomach for Kate right now.  I remember the day before I married Mike and how EXCITED I was for the next day to come (almost as excited as I was that the planning was OVER). 

I have no clue what she’s going to wear, nor do I even want to guess . . . but can’t wait to see the dress.  Part of me wants to wake up at 4am just to see it.  If I was going to be there in person I think that I would wear this Chloe dress (you have to click on the link to see – I can’t copy the picture for the life of me right now!) to the wedding itself . . . with this Fascinator from Lo Boheme (who made my beautiful feather headpiece for the wedding). 

For the party later in the evening I would probably go for this cobalt blue Marchesa dress and De Beers earnings.


                                                                                                                                                                                                                                                              I guess anything is better than the hospital gowns we were both wearing during the last big royal wedding!!!!

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April 28, 2011 at 10:50 am

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Watch Out Key West . . .

Mike and 11 other guys are heading down this weekend for Hutch’s bachelor party. They rented two houses right on Duval Street.  I have no clue what they’re doing (they don’t either) . . . but since I’m such a big planner I thought I would make a few suggestions . . . 🙂

The trusty New York Times just put together a 36 Hours in Key West article in January, which is very helpful.  Out of their suggestions I would do the following.

Key West chefs pride themselves on a culinary philosophy of simple cooking and fresh ingredients. A perfect example is the Flaming Buoy Filet Co. (1100 Packer Street; 305-295-7970;, a year-old nouveau seafood restaurant owned and run by two Cincinnati transplants, Fred Isch and his partner, Scot Forste. The 10 rustic wood tables are hand-painted in orange and yellow; the lights are low and the crowd amiable, skewing slightly older. This is home-cooking, island style. Favorites include a black bean soup, swirled with Cheddar cheese, sour cream and cilantro ($9), and the fresh catch of the day ($24), which is served with a broccoli cake and tasty mashed potatoes.

The Orchid Bar (may be a little too trendy for them :))

While Key West night life has long been synonymous with boozy karaoke and mediocre margaritas, new watering holes like the tiny Orchid Bar (1004 Duval Street; 305-296-9915; are quietly moving in a more sophisticated direction. Bartenders there take mixology seriously. Try the St.-Germain 75, with Hendrick’s Gin, St.-Germain, fresh lemon juice and Champagne ($12). This Deco-cool sliver of a space overlooks an illuminated pool and draws a mellow crew.

Louie’s Backyard

                                                                                                                                                                                                                                           Skip the hustle of Mallory Square and work your way through the white tablecloth dining room to Louie’s Backyard Afterdeck Bar (700 Waddell Avenue; 305-294-1061;, which has a large wood-planked patio that faces the ocean and the setting sun. A gregarious crowd of artists and New England snowbirds gathers daily. It’s like an outdoor Cheers.

Either Sarabeth’s or Bad Boy Burrito (depending on how they’re feeling)

Late night? Sarabeth’s (530 Simonton Street; 305-293-8181;, housed in what was the island’s first synagogue, serves omelets and tropical juices that are the ideal detox. Can’t be bothered to dress? Bad Boy Burrito (1220 1/2 Simonton; 305-292-2697; will deliver a kobe beef burrito ($8) or fish taco ($9) to you, poolside.

Not in the NYT’s article but rated #1 on TripAdvisor is Garbos Grill . . . which is a little food truck that looks very islandish.  🙂

Another one is the Hogfish Bar & Grill . . . which looks right up Mike’s alley.

Of course if I was going along we would be staying here. Doing yoga on the beach . . . and a sunset sail.

 Hopefully Mike gets home in one piece!

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April 27, 2011 at 10:32 am

I Ditched Jane

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No, she’s not a friend I ran away from…I quilted in the “ditch” around all 169 blocks and who knows how many triangles on the borders.  It was a lot of hard work, but its DONE!!!!!!


I couldn’t see what was in this until I took a picture-my OWN eagle eggs!  Okay, maybe they aren’t eagle eggs.  But, they are in a nest in my yard, in an orange tree.

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April 26, 2011 at 8:57 pm

Easter Weekend – Part 2

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Actually . . . I should just label this post Babies, Babies Babies.  We have certainly gotten our fair share this year so far.

Met little Cielo on Sat (Mandi and Wade’s daughter).

Also saw Aidan (aka, the cutest little boy in the entire world)

Also got to see their beautiful mommies. 🙂

Also got to see Lucas. (he’s eating the Pina Colada Cupcakes I made for Easter – which were AWESOME!)

While I’m at it you can see the other additions from 2011.

Hudson (Katie and Doug’s son).

Cameron (Julie and Mark from Jamestown’s son – here with their other son, Mark)

and Sienna (Cristina and Jim’s daughter – look at the hair!)

And, of course a baby posting wouldn’t be complete without a picture of the cutest little girl in the world, Harper (in her Easter dress).

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April 25, 2011 at 10:10 am

Easter Weekend – Part 1

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Yesterday we had our golf tournament at Ravens Claw.  It was cold and a little windy but it was great to get back out on a golf course.  Mike had a typical “Mike Day”.  Started out by forgetting his golf shoes back at Dad’s (realized after we already go to the course).  Then he lost his 5 wood and his driver cover somewhere on the course (someone did return them in the end).  We didn’t win . . . but had a really good time.

I took this picture from the development that was around the course.  Made me think of you guys.

Went to see Mandi, Wade, Cielo, Marcee and Aidan (pictures to come soon).  It was great to catch up with them.  Going to go for a 11 mile run with Mike on the Perkiomen Trail and then I think I’m going to make Pina Colada Cupcakes for Easter dinner (Greg & Joanne are coming too). 

Look at these two, they’re best friends.  🙂

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April 23, 2011 at 11:57 am