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I love dogs and cats.  For some reason, birds just don’t appeal to me. As stated on your fridge, never say never.  I’m attaching a link to a 24 hour webcam of an eagle nest with three eggs.   I was mesmerized watching 2 HUGE birds carefully tending their three eggs.  One egg hatched on April 1.   Decorah Eagles

Birds might as well be the theme of this blog entry.  Another bird that fascinates me is the hummingbird.  One provided entertainment last evening.  It flew from flower to flower on my bottlebrush plant, too fast to take a picture.

I was on the phone with you during my other bird adventure…a hawk chased by two blue jays.  As I told you, he practically flew in my sewing room window!

Lily, my elephant fountain, has been hosting many birds lately.  We have yellow finches, (I always think of Beryl when I see them-she feeds them during the summer) doves, cardinals and assorted other “tweety” birds that I can’t name. Of course they can’t visit when the fountain is occupied by the terror.

Today is  beautiful day.  The sun is out and the birds are singing.

Written by bevanddara

April 3, 2011 at 11:04 am

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