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Yesterday I was blog inept, and couldn’t publish my blog entry.  Today I’m writing two entries to try to catch up on my  response to  your entries.  I WANT A COMPOST COOKIE!!!!  They look so good.  I can’t wait for the nice weather (as much as I love you, it snowed in March!)   so I can visit NYC and the Brooklyn Flea.   And…a real grocery store. Maybe I’ll have to borrow your bike the next time I visit to keep from gaining a gazillion pounds.

You and Mike have quite a few adorable little girls in your life.  Harper is absolutely precious.  She has the most beautiful blue eyes.  I bet everyone who sees her wants to kiss those cheeks.  Are you  sure the triplets are turning four????How can that be? You picked some cute things for  gifts, I’ve never seen a crayon “storing” skirt (or apron?)   In addition to reading the American Girl books, one of your favorite hobbies was watching Pippi Longstocking movies.  Do you remember her wacky hairstyle?

Last night I was at my friend Kathy’s house.  She is the neighbor who talked me into working on a “Dear Jane”quilt.    She has been working on her quilt for 10 years and decided that this is the year to finish the blocks. There is no way to work on this quilt without support from another  quilter, so she suckered me into it.   The original was “supposedly” made by a woman during the Civil War, completed in 1868.  Kathy and I are quite sure that the quilt was made in 1985 and made to look old.  We can’t figure out how a person without rotary cutters, a computer program, and no sewing machine made this quilt.  The quilt has 225 blocks-169 five-inch blocks in the center, the rest are pieced triangles along the edge. (This is about the size of the blocks!)

Pardon me, I have to go look for a cookie…

Written by bevanddara

April 5, 2011 at 7:46 pm

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