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Another discusion of feathers…

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but nothing to do with birds.

To keep you entertained, and to figure  out why I am having a tough time with this, I will relate the quilting technique I am trying to master to golf.  I am trying to learn to feather. I don’t mearly want to feather, I want to be a MASTER.  This is a picture of feathering by an expert.

Playing golf, I concentrate on bend my knees, keep my head down, and don’t kill the ball.  How is quilting like golf, you ask?  Quilting on a longarm machine takes muscle memory.  When I swing out and make a smooth curve (a gorgeous drive,)I forget to connect the curves at the bottom.  When I have a beautiful curve, I forget where I’m going( and lose sight of my ball.) There are no straight lines in feathering…where did that line  come from?  (I hope no one saw me whiff that one off the tee).  Do I take it out and do it over (take a mulligan or hit the ball that landed 2 inches from the tee?)  I’m finally smoothly moving along, when I run out of bobbin thread-oh no!  The cart ran out of gas…at the furthest point on the golf course!  I feathered a blue quilt for Mom and Dad.  I think they will like it, but I will NOT be attaching a picture.

Your new glasses are cute.   You are cute.  You and Chet are cute in the picture of the three of us. 

I just finished this book:

I enjoyed the book.  It was actually similar to The Help, but I thought the writing was better.  I’m reading a mystery now, but the library called to say the one of my reserved books is ready for me to pick up.  The book  will be a surprise, I think I have about 20 books on the reserve list. I think that I have the Steve Martin book on the list.

I’m glad you are starting to like Williamsburg.  I really like your apartment, and it isn’t any further to my favorite places to visit.  How much fun to have an open air flea market, especially one with great food!

(Did my pictures work?  Thanks for starting our blog, I’m learning so much!)

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April 7, 2011 at 10:43 am

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