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I Can’t Believe it’s May Already

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Yesterday was the annual 5 Boro Bike Tour (that’s how they spell it btw).  More than 30,000 cyclists experienced New York City from a perspective unlike any other: pedaling down 42 miles of car-free streets through all five boroughs, taking in views of iconic landmarks like the Empire State building, Brooklyn Bridge, historic Harlem, and the Statue of Liberty.

It went right down Kent (the street our building is on).  All the cars in the middle of the road were removed . . . it was eerily quiet (the first two “before” pictures were taken at 9am – welcome to Brooklyn where people are awake from 11am until about 4am).




Doesn’t look like 30,000 people are riding, but this went on for hours.  This plus the Brooklyn Flea made our area pretty chaotic on Sunday.  It was a nice day, though, and I was determined to sit on a bench with Chet for a little so I just brough a handful of treats and gave him a little nibble every time a dog was coming near – worked like a charm!  This was our view – the pier on the other side of building.  Chet had just gotten a bath and was panting (which makes him look like he is smiling) a little so he got a lot of attention – people thought he looked like the fluffiest, blondest, happiest (which he is – especially when I have a handful of treats) little guy.


After a weekend that included a 12 mile run (through 3 of the 5 borough’s!), cookie making (you HAVE to try these – I’ll try to make a dairy-free version when you’re visiting), dinner with the girls at Sushi Samba (Sat night), cleaning, laundry, work, dinner with Ashley and Steve at Mole  (last night)  . . . Chet and I wore ourselves out.  Who needs Mike to have a “Dierks Weekend”.  Well . . . we tried at least. 🙂

Written by bevanddara

May 2, 2011 at 2:37 pm

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