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Viva Las Vegas

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Well, I’m back.  Its been a VERY long few days but I made it and it’s almost Memorial Day weekend! 

My trip out to San Fran on Sunday night was an adventure.  It took the cab 2 hours to get me to the airport and by the time I got there they had given away my seat so I was bumped to the 7pm flight.  Got into San Fran at midnight, up at 4am . . . all day at Jamba . . . 7pm flight to Vegas . . . bed by 10pm, up at 4am, conference all day . . . dinner with other ICR colleagues and bed by 10pm, up at 4am . . . conference all day . . . flight at 5pm, arrived into JFK at 1:30am . . .got home and the door was triple locked so I spent 15 minutes ringing the doorbell waiting for Mike to let me in.  Feel asleep at 3am, up at 6:30am . . . yeah, I desperately need a long weekend.

Every time I go to Vegas (or San Fran for that matter) I’m dying to go back and spend some time with Mike and friends just hanging out by the pool having cocktails and enjoying a nice dinner at one of the mega-overdone restaurants and finishing off the day with a game of craps (where I would, of course, win hundreds of dollars).  Not sure it’s ever going to happen.  Maybe I just dream of that because every time I’m in Vegas I’m in a suit and watching people have fun in the pool from a stuffy conference room (not really fair that all of the ballrooms overlook the pool and have shear drapes).

 I usually stay at a the Venetian because . . . well $160 a night gets you a room like this (pardon the poor quality of my cell phone pictures).


 Last time I stayed there I had a pretty sick strip view but this time got a pretty sick sunrise view (if you can look past the parking garage and street lights :))

 I did get to spend a few minutes by the pool (in my suit of course) after the first day at the conference.  It ended at 4pm so sat there and got caught up on my emails.

I have a few client meetings with Don today (so I’m, unhappily, wearing a suit for the fourth day in a row) and hope to talk him into stopping by Jamba on the way back to try one of their new refreshers. They look really . . . refreshing!

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May 26, 2011 at 10:55 am

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