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Memorial Day Weekend – Jamestown

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Great weekend, as usual, in Jamestown.  Chet and I got up bright and early on Sat morning and made it to Jamestown in under three hours.  We actually woke  Mike up because he didn’t get home from the Bruins (they won!!) game until 1am.

Sat we planted a few geraniums, squash and peppers at the Jamestown house, washed our car, caught up with the family.  Then Lauren, Ryan Mike and I went to Amanda’s for a bbq.  I made guacamole and it was a huge hit.  This is Amanda’s backyard (where Mike proposed to me exactly three years ago).

Here are a few more pictures from the night.

[Pictures from top to bottom: (1) Lauren (2) Kerry, Me, Cristina (3) Cristina, Sienna (4) Sienna (5) Mike, Sienna]

Sun we went golfing at Jamestown (Ellen, Lauren, Ryan, Mike, me).  It was a good outting but I’m looking for new clubs so once I have those I’ll be all set.  After we went sailing . . . here are a few pictures from our outting.



(Mike had to row the dingy back like this because the orelock broke off!)

Sun night had a nice bbq which included grilled halibut and chicken, potato and green salad and then a stop at the neighborhood ice cream parlor for dessert.


We all officially survived our first weekend at Camp Dierks.  Chet was too tired to keep his tongue in his mouth on the ride home.


We got home at 2, went to the gym, went to Vicki and Dave’s for a cocktail and then to Five Leaves where I had a beat and citrus salad with fried oysters – YUM.

 Hope you had a nice weekend!

Written by bevanddara

May 31, 2011 at 1:27 pm

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