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Next Time You’re in NYC

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I’m starting a new category, “Next Time You’re In NYC”, and this will be the first entry.

Ice Cream You Can Eat!

Check out the Victory Garden Ice Cream Shop!  They make goat milk ice cream!  Brilliant.  Sounds like they have some yummy toppings too.

Ride Along the East River

The East River Ferry starts service to our pier June 13th.  You can read more about it here.  We can take the ferry to DUMBO, which leads me to the next subject . . .

Bike Ride in Brooklyn

Dave is working for a bike tour company in Brooklyn this summer and would love to check out a tour.  The options are listed here.

Highline Part 2

Another section of the Highline opened up today that we have to go and check out.  The new section runs from 20th – 30th Street

July Dates

Mike will be in the UK the week of July 11th.  He is expecting to leave Sat the 9th and will most likely come back on the 18th.

Lastly . . . big shout out to Caitlin today . . . its her 30th b-day.  I sent flowers to her office and she was kind enough to share a picture of them.  Just looking at the colors gets me in a happy summer mood. 

Written by bevanddara

June 7, 2011 at 2:09 pm

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