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Jamestown – Part 1

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What a difference a day makes.  Yesterday it was cold, rainy . . . I was on the phone with Verizon ALL day while trying to keep up with my emails.  I ended up not getting the DSL hooked up because “the office is too far away from the house”, whatever that means!  BUT I did get a FULL night sleep (10pm – 7am) and today is a new (and great) day.

I started my morning off here – where Lauren and I got our butts kicked by Tracy Anderson.

Cox came promptly at 11:00am (just like they said) and got us all hooked up (hooray!!!!).  Lunch was a clam bake (lobster, clams, muscles, cod, potatoes, corn) and a salad. Got to spend some quality time with these lovely ladies. 🙂

Later today we may do some or all of the following:  get ice cream, go golfing, go to the bar to see the Bruins game, stop by Cristina and Jim’s to see their garden and little girl.

Poor Chetty has had rough day following all of us around (as you know, no one stops moving here), he also got stung by a bee and got into a dog fight with the neighbors puppy.  Poor thing. 


As you know, Ellen and Richard are having the beach house demolished and rebuilt this fall . . . if I were to design a beach house (and were a gazillionare) I would make it look just like Courtney Cox’s.  OMG – you have to check it out here.

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June 15, 2011 at 4:14 pm

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