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Jamestown – Part III

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I made it through 6 days at Camp Dierks!  So proud of myself.  🙂  After a week of morning runs, yoga, golf, tennis, cooking, hikes, going to bed late and getting up early, watching the Bruins win the Stanley Cup, visiting with friends and family . . . while trying to work full-time . . . we are back home.

I will definitely miss this little one (and her parents).

(Chet looks THRILLED to have Harper touch him.  :))

Lauren’s homemade version of the Thunder Shirt.  It didn’t work but gave us all a good laugh (poor Avery!).

We got home in record time (with Chet in his usual position, of course)

Even got home in time to unpack and have a sunset cocktail in our front yard.

During a morning run this week I was going through a development where the kids were waiting with their families for the bus, the flowers were in full bloom and smelling AAAAAmazing, the sun was shining, I actually even ran past a deer just standing still in a person’s front yard.  That run made me think maybe I’m actually ready to move to the burbs and have this experience every day . . . THEN I woke up and realized that we live in the Northeast when beautiful, sunny, humid free days can be counted on two hands . . . plus, who would want to live in the burbs when this is your morning commute?

You’re going to LOVE the ferry.  Have a great Monday!

Written by bevanddara

June 20, 2011 at 11:03 am

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