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Jamestown – July 4th Weekend

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Had a great weekend in Jamestown . . . too short of course, but great.

Worked from Jamestown on Fri . . . the snuggle buddies were reunited (at one point i looked over and Chet was curled up with Avery and had his head on her foot :))

Fri night Mike and the boys went golfing and I had a wine and cheese night with the girls.  Got to meet Cameron (Julie & Mark’s son).  He never stops smiling.

Sat Ellen, Lauren and I started the day off with 8am yoga cliff side at Beavertail.  It was aaaaaamazing being there hearing the waves crash and feeling the fresh breeze swirl around us.

Then Mike and I went out with the entire crew for Jim’s birthday . . . our entourage included a boat, a dingy, two jet skis and one paddle board.  Matt got a new grill for his boat so we just grilled up some chicken sandwiches and fooled around in the water for a few hours.

Sat night was a grilled fish and veggie dinner with Ryan, Lauren, Ellen, Richard and Doris followed by the Jamestown fireworks and drinks at Simpaticos.  Below is a picture that one of our friends, Ben Thomas, took of the fireworks.  He also took the picture that is in our bedroom of Jamestown.

Sun was the big 4th of July picnic at Matt’s grandma’s house.  It rained a little but we were able to save most of the day.  Mike spent most of it in the water (big surprise!) wake boarding behind a jet ski and everyone at the party used our paddle board.


Mon was the big (TINY) Jamestown 4th of July parade.  It included three firetrucks, a police car, a truck convertible, a little marching band and a few hundred kids on bikes dressed up in red, white and blue.  Lauren, Mike and Shannon all participated when they were little . . . bet they were so cute.  🙂

Chet sported some red, white and blue.  🙂

After the parade Mike, Ellen, Lauren and I went golfing  . . .

and lunch at Dutch Harbor.

We hit the road around 5:30 – Brooklyn greeted us with the most amazing sunset.

And even got to catch the Manhattan fireworks show from our front yard.

Written by bevanddara

July 5, 2011 at 10:53 am

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