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WOW are there some incredible pictures on your Jamestown entry. I LOVE the sunset and fireworks in Manhattan pictures.  You  sure have a lot of baby pictures on your blog.

We did see Larry Crowne last weekend.  It was cute, very good entertainment for middle-aged people.  I wasn’t the only person laughing out loud.  I will warn you…there was no sex, only one curse word,  and a geeky guy perhaps gets the gorgeous girl(I don’t want to ruin the ending.)

Due to the fireworks this past weekend , Eagle has been cuddled on my lap, and 2-Putt has been sitting next to me, nudging me anytime I stopped petting him the ENTIRE time I’ve been in the house.  Bogie is not afraid of the fireworks, he likes to be a part of the holiday celebration by barking at my next door neighbors while they set off the fireworks.

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July 5, 2011 at 8:02 pm

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