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What a Week!

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I return to Tampa, full of inspiration.  I love visiting and spending time with you, my Sweetie!  I had such a busy week with you that I am seriously behind on blogging.  

You left off on Sunday, I’ll try to fill in the rest of our adventures.

Monday started with my typical Bev and Grandog routine.  Take Chet for a walk, go to my favorite coffee shop, sit on a bench along the water to enjoy the morning.  Yes, my favorite Australian Barista is still at the coffee shop, and yes it is still the BEST coffee.  I actually cooked dinner, a stir fry that included a kohlrabi from your CSA.  Yep, should have either cut the kohlrabi smaller or cooked it longer.  I think it tasted like the stalk of broccoli. 

Tuesday, you wouldn’t be home until late, so Chester and I went to visit Janice.   Janice makes the best salads, for lunch we had a delicious BLT salad. (I will add the recipe in another entry.  Especially since I left the turkey bacon for you.)We sat that afternoon in her lovely new garden. Tuesday night Janice, Chester and I went to a local park and enjoyed a free concert by a Bruce Springsteen cover band.

The stage and grass theater: 

Chester enjoying the GRASS at the concert:


Wednesday we visited the Morristown Museum to view a fiber arts exhibit. Photography is prohibited at the exhibit, so don’t tell anyone about this:


This artist did an amazing job creating details in the picture through quilting.

You wanted to know if I could quilt cursive writing.  This is an early sample of that:


The adventure continues on the next blog entry.

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July 20, 2011 at 12:19 pm

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