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My computer didn’t have a virus…it was an error in a registry.  (Who knows what that means.)   I want the recipe for Sticky toffee pudding with pears and coffee!

Continuing on with my week in Brooklyn, I’m up to Thursday. I can’t skip that day because Chester and I had our date.  We walked about 20 silkie miles to Chester’s Hairdresser.  It takes a tough guy to coif  my grandog’s fur!

Can you tell the little guy was ready to escape that place?


Yep, the left ear is now lighter than the right.  While Chet was busy, I wandered around.  I almost called Cindy to tell her that her favorite TV show would be in the area the next day.


Chester showed me a shortcut home.  Dara called, and thought we should visit Manhattan that night.  We had a delicious meal at a Thai restaurant called Qi and then laughed at a packed movie theater watching Horrible bosses.  (I think both of us forgot to review Bridesmaids, which we saw on Sunday night.  I thought it was absolutely HYSTERICAL~!!!!)

I will continue with Friday, but write a separate entry…you know, old person with technology!

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July 24, 2011 at 9:10 pm

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