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Finishing Friday, so I can move on to this week

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I spent Friday visiting a few of my favorite places in Manhattan. I met your friend Dan and his brother Steve near Radio City Music Theater.  Then, to Dan’s surprise, I walked to Bryant Park.  (Yes, I’m pretty spry for my age!)  Thanks to Janice, I  visited a Japanese Bookstore, which will be added to my routine NYC stops: 

Kinokuniya Bookstore

1073 Sixth Ave., New York, NY 10018 40.758089 -73.978206 

This bookstore intermingles English and Japanese on its numerous shelves as a way to encourage customers to experience another cultural viewpoint—even if that means glossing over text and admiring pictures. Opened in Rockefeller Center in 1981, Kinokuniya is impressively stocked, with 20,000 book titles as well as magazines, DVDs, CDs, Momiji dolls, and a bilingual staff. The store carries the latest issues of hard-to-find magazines such as the fashionista’s Gothic & Lolita Bible, and displays attractive design and architecture books like The Very Small Home: Japanese Ideas for Living Well in Space (useful in both Tokyo and NYC).

I did not notice any English books at all, but let me tell you, the pictures are SPECTACULAR!  I limited myself to purchasing one quilt and one bead book. I love the bags in the quilt book I bought. This is one of my favorites (sorry for the poor cell phone picture) :


I stopped along  the way at York Beads, they have some of my favorite “dagger” beads.  I bought these for Janice:


How does Chester(even if only his paw)end up in so many pictures?

On to City Quilter.  The shop prints, and I am collecting NYC fabric.  This is the latest fabric:


The next fabric is going to be the same fabric in daylight.  I was disappointed that the Dear Jane quilt that was hanging in the shop during my last visit was gone.  When I commented on it, a very helpful salesperson told me that it was in the back, cause a Dear Jane class was taking place.  I went to the classroom and performed my best meek and quiet request to visit the class.  I was warmly welcomed.  Quilters just love to share. Once we did our”Do you know what a Jane is? Yes, I’m working on one, I’m up to D-5, and I’m a longarmer who recently ditched a Jane, Oh you didn’t, yes I did.  My Jane is called F. Jane for obvious reasons…OH MY GOODNESS WHAT IS THAT JANE ON THE WALL?????


It was a red and white Jane!  Organized by the niece of the woman of the red and white quilt exhibit I saw the last time I was in New York.  She asked me to make a block! (E-2)  The quilt is a surprise for the woman’s 81st birthday.  (I’m omitting her name because the quilt is hopefully going to be a surprise.) I’m such a quilt geek…it was so much fun to be with women with my current passion.  When I was leaving, I apologized for creating such a commotion.  The co-teachers of the class thanked me for waking their students and invited me to join them to work on my Jane anytime I’m visiting you!

In case you need to be reminded of the red and white quilts:


The quilt is being documented by Deborah:

Wsheew, finally finished our week together, thankfully you documented both weekends.

I’m sure your biscuits will be as delicious as the picture looks, the next time I visit!  How are your eyeballs?  B-3!!!!!

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July 26, 2011 at 10:26 pm

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