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Where was Swatch?

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Tim is back, yeah!!!!!! Yes, I still love him.  How can I not love a smart, charming man who encourages and honestly critiques the designers trying to win Project Runway?  Two of my favorite parts of the time I spent on Thursday night were the road to the runway, because Tim was the emcee and Tim’s time in the workroom with the new batch of creative costumers.

One of the things I liked about the casting special was that there was no bad singing (like Idol.)  How about Seth Arron as a judge?  He was pretty good.  I hadn’t heard of the new clothing style Seth Arron called “trucker hillbilly”?  I’m not sure that would catch on in NYC.  Can you hear Tim now, “I understand the concept, just make sure to tell the judges that you wanted her to look like she has a big beer belly that hangs over her belt.”   Two of the contestants should not have been selected. Both HAD to say Fierce, that should have been an automatic disqualification.  I am disappointed  that even  with Seth Aaron judging I don’t think there is one straight man on the show. Reverse discrimination. Instead of a dumb blond, a “glammy”blond was selected.  The first word I have to research was not one of Tim’s, do adults wear rompers?  The rompers I know about are illegal on anyone over the age of two.  Everyone who auditioned  for the show had one on their rack.

Enough about the casting special, on to the actual hour and a half competition.  I’m glad the producer’s finally listened to me and expanded the show to 90 minutes.  Even with 20 designers, I didn’t feel I had to rush to develop relationships with the contestants.

 This episode made me realize that I couldn’t compete on PR.  Although I am a morning person, I would not be my cheerful self if Tim woke me up at 5:00 am.  (Unless he had a large cup of coffee.)  But, the real problem is that I don’t sleep in a bra, and there is NO WAY I would parade through NYC without wearing one.

I liked the challenge, make something out of what you are wearing and a bed sheet.   Dara, there is hope for you…Miss Trinadad just learned to sew 4 months before the competition started.  I think the outfit she made would look adorable on you. 


Pop pop and Mom mom are now officially part of the Modern Quilt Movement.  The winner, Bert, claimed to be 102 years old.  He borrowed the concept of the Pop pop’s under wear quilt and turned it into the winning design.  I liked Bert’s design and his wit, but I doubt he will be able to keep up with the crazy schedule.  I actually agreed with the judges that this was the winner.  (I doubt that will happen again.)


It was a cute dress.

   Pop pop’s Quilt:









I’m not even going to put the losing picture on the blog.  It was BAD.  And I can’t believe that someone would risk going home just to keep their hair covered. 

In case you were wondering why a bed sheet was used for fabric instead of  the designer’s going to Mood (without Bras) it was because Swatch is on vacation:


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