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You know how difficult a time I have steering a canoe!?

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That’s how I’ve been getting around this week.  I know the North needs rain, and as a gardener, I love our daily rains, but the flooding is not fun.

Its one of those weeks, too many things to do.  Monday was Brandon Quilt guild, Tuesday-sewing at Judy’s, Wednesday-Feather Princess 6th Birthday celebration,last night F Jane at Kathy’s house, today I’m going to Judy’s for 2 days of “quilt camp”. This weekend the Brandon guild is having a retreat, due to many scheduling conflicts Judy’s sewing group couldn’t go, so Judy scheduled 2 days at her house. 

My word of the day is serendipity.  Yesterday I could not decide what jewelry to wear to Princesses.  I make it a point to wear some of my beaded pieces because there are a few ladies who always check me out to see what I’m wearing.  I decided to wear a pair of earrings that I rarely wear because they blend into my hair.  (You  already have a pair of  earrings made with the dangles in this pair.) A woman I sat next to at the meeting, who has been battling cancer, is one of the people that knows I bead.  We chatted about the cute earrings she was wearing.  She admitted that she never used to wear flashy earring, or a hat, but now that’s her fashion statement.  Of course, that was the reason I wore the earrings…I gave them to her at the end of the meeting.  (The earrings were a tan version of these.)


 I woke up early to make Zucchini Bread to take to Judy’s. 

 This is why the old man will be Auffed tonight:


 You were on a big screen in Times Square!!!!!

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August 11, 2011 at 8:53 am

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