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PR 3- Bev’s Take

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Well, I must say that this episode certainly has people talking.  The PR aficionado’s I talk to have very strong opinions  about this episode.  They either loved or hated the challenge.  We all continue to think that Bert is an extremely large ass. And of course, the   judges have no clue what they are doing.

However, I feel it is more important that someone get a message to Heidi what is up with the hair and makeup????  She looks way too brittle.

Back to the review.  I like any challenge that is NOT make a pretty dress.  Team challenges, and the dynamics that go  with them are always interesting. I’m glad the “criers” are being “auffed.”  Faylene probably would have done better if Tim had given her posture lessons.  Either there was brutal editing, or Faylene really deserved to go.  How could it take all day for her to not make a bodice?  (And this is coming from someone who took a year to make a wedding dress.)   And if I heard Wimpy say “She doesn’t know grain lines” one more time….

This was UGLY.   Of course, it isn’t a far stretch to go from PeePee Pad big fat butt to tutu big fat butt.  I hope he doesn’t try to give Nina a big fat butt next week.

Although the drama of the teams is entertaining, I prefer the teams that collaborate well.   I thought this outfit actually made the stilt-walker look “proportionate.”

I also liked the winning outfit:

I HATED the black and white zigzag.   So far, I’m enjoying this season much more than last season.  I think your top three selection might be correct, I need one or two more episodes to pick mine, there are still too many designers in the middle.  I love the 90 minute shows, don’t you?

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August 13, 2011 at 10:17 pm

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