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I’ve been thinking about what I’ll be packing for our trip to Napa lately (I know, its over a month away, but hey, I’m excited!).  I originally thought it would be jeans and tee shirt weather but my client, Asma, said that there is a chance it could get up to 100 degrees that week so to pack sundresses.  Of course I have a million and two sundresses, but none of them say “Lets go on a wine tour and picnic in the grape fields” . . . 🙂 I found two dresses that say that . . . I think, right?  I ordered them yesterday and will get them by next week and it will take every ounce of me not to break them in before our trip. The Billabong stripe dress below is the ONLY one they have left so please cross your fingers for me that they don’t tell me tomorrow that there are none left to ship.  The second one can be viewed here.  I can’t figure out how to get a picture of it.

Anyway, today Erin at EOS posted a few pictures from Blair Eadie’s blog – Atlantic-Pacific.  I really really really wish I had guts like this girl.  The outfit combos she puts together blow my mind . . .  but I’ll probably stick with my boring grey dress pants and Anthropologie shirts.  🙂 ANYWAY (totally got off topic) she featured this AAAAAmazing long dress that I would kill for .

Yeah . . . I could certainly see myself dressed in this and having dinner with Mike at French Laundry (neither is going to happen 1)  I don’t have this dress (its DVF and not even available on her website anymore) and 2) we missed the 2 month cut off for reservations by ONE DAY).  Oh well . . . I can dream (or my very talented mother can make this for me for Xmas :)).

Other long dress looks I love from her blog.

And a few more picture of outfits that don’t involve long dresses, but are equally amazing.

This is her idea of a winery tour outfit . . . love it . . . but I’m thinking I’ll be a little too hot.

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August 17, 2011 at 12:03 pm

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