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Forget Fashion-PR 5-Bev’s take

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Let’s be honest, Michael Kors and I have given up on this season ALREADY.  Where to start.

1)All team challenges should begin with a magnum of champagne.  Did you notice that each team of two had an additional “designer” chosen strictly for their “pickuponess” quality?  The misfits Becky, Bert, should have formed their own team.  Perhaps then we would actually have some interesting designing going on.


2.) How did Josh (aka Crybaby) make it back in the show?  Of course Sad Sack (Cecelia) should have gone home, but last week’s auffed designer should have come back. 

3.) All black fabric should be removed from Mood. I’m sick of every outfit being black.   It’s really hard to see on TV.

4.)Like you, I had no idea who the guest judge was. 


 I know I’ll sound like an old person, but she’s a model?  Couldn’t she at least combed her hair?  Maybe her pants are silk or satin, but they look like old lady sweat pants. (Now you probably recognize her-she’s the  presidential candidate whose picture was recently on the cover of Time magazine with this same expression.)

4.) What is with Heidi this season.  Did she actually wear a sequined jumpsuit?  Excuse me was it a romper? She wore high heels to run around the armory, and sneakers with a sequined outfit?


5.)  Back to the judging.  How did Eyebrow Josh win for the outfit you like, when it was obviously The Beauty Queen’s design.  AND why were there 2 winners, especially considering my previous comment?

I’ll admit, it’s still my favorite TV show, but it’s time for some interesting designing.

Written by bevanddara

August 26, 2011 at 10:17 pm

Posted in Fashion

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