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Yes, this is categorized under “Dara’s Weekend Adventures” because it certainly was one. 

Friday night I met Mike downtown at the Seaport Beer Garden for a glass of wine and to come up with our evacuation plan (since our water and electric was going to get cut off in less than 24 hours).

Then to dinner in Brooklyn at the seafood and tequila shack, then over to Vicki and Dave’s for some “End of the World Cocktails”. 

Saturday morning was all about preparation.  Mike bought a million cases of beer, ten bags of ice, all the peanut butter and water that the drug store had on hand.  I grabbed PJs, my laptop, a bottle of wine and my cell phone charger (necessities, you know?). Chet grabbed his dinosaur (that his mommy got him a few days ago – its his FAVORITE toy), his bones and food . . . and we were on our way to our evacuation location – The Upper East Side.

Not before checking out the preparation in our area.  Look at the gym!  I couldn’t even work out before evacuation.  😦

Saturday night, after getting settled at Dan and Jeannine’s, we went to a Mexican place for dinner and met up with more friends – Jeff and Joanna. 

Sunday morning Mike and I went to explore the neighborhood with Chetty and grab some coffee.  The ONLY place open was a Dunkin Doughnuts with no food – just coffee (and one very miserable worker).  I should have taken pictures of the scene – it was like a movie blocked off the street – NO ONE was out – even at 8am on a Sunday morning.  Crazy. 

After breakfast we all went to Central Park for a walk.

The rest of the afternoon was spent on the couch watching Something Borrowed (even the guys got into that one), cooking shows and Jackass 3 (not recommended for people who easily throw up) while reading the Sunday Times (that came to us on Saturday!).  Danny and Jeannine are both from big Italian families so, of course, they kept us well fed throughout the day.  Procutto, mozzarella, basil omelets with fresh berries for breakfast , artichoke dip with carrots and pretzels and capreses salads with freshly made iced tea for lunch. Dinner was (with Jeff and Joanna too) linguine with rock shrimp (and homemade tomato sauce!) . . . AND chicken piccata with asparagus and salad.  Dessert was gelato (dark chocolate and caramel cookie crunch). 

We got home around 9pm. The only remanence of hurricane Irene were the flashing clocks on our appliances due to the power getting turned off.  We’re very lucky to 1) have such generous friends to take us in 2) for getting through the storm completely unscathed.

Written by bevanddara

August 29, 2011 at 11:32 am

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