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If I send pictures from e-mail, my phone and my camera is that mixed media?

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You will probably have to do quite a bit of editing since pictures came from so many sources.  Don’t be surprised, they are all quilt related pictures.

First, a wall hanging made by Cindy B. that I quilted.  The quilting in the white area is my new favorite-curved cross hatching. (Picture from my camera)


 Next is Claudia’s Dear Jane.  She has finished and assembled the middle 169 blocks.  Yeah Claudia!!!  I guess most people come up with names for this quilt.  Claudia is calling hers Uncle Jane, she has had enough of this quilt, and is refusing to piece the border triangle blocks. (The following are Phone Photos)

The reason there has been so much written in my blog about this quilt is that several members of the Brandon Piecemaker’s Guild started this quilt 10 years ago.  A few of them are pushing to finish the quilt by the 10th anniversary of their start, which is next February. Here’s the actual Dear Jane, for new blog readers.

Claudia is featured, again, because she finished the funky monkey quilt. 

I thought I was going crazy, I couldn’t find a picture of the most adorable Boston Terrier Quilt.  I KNEW I saw it somewhere, can’t believe despite my searches to and from the ends of the internet, I couldn’t find the quilt.  Just when I was beginning to give up hope of finding the quilt (and becoming convinced that I had imagined the quilt and therefore was crazy)  Dear Janice knew exactly the quilt I was talking about!!! She even had a picture!  Okay, it’s a closeup, but one can get the idea from the picture. And now, maybe someone in blogland knows who made the quilt. And despite all this, if Caitlin wants a simple green (cause we won’t know the baby’s sex) with words written on it, I’ll be happy to make that.  (Although, the BT is a very, very cute pattern.) This was the photo from an e-mail.


 I’m still drooling after hearing about your meal tonight.

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August 30, 2011 at 11:02 pm

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