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It’s Friday!!!!

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I just have two things to say . . .

1) I still hate PR, but I LOVE this jumper.

2) Chet, my assistant for the day, (working from home today because they’re in the process of moving our office) is sleeping on the job. I told him that’s not acceptable behavior . . . he doesn’t care.

Ohhh . . . and one last thing.  A week from today I will be doing this (!!)

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September 30, 2011 at 11:00 am

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Jacksonville Quilt Show

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I went to the “Lancaster” Quilt Show of Florida.  It’s actually the Jacksonville Quilt show.  It is presented by seven quilt guilds.  Here are a few of the quilts I liked. This was a group of license sized quilts.

 This one is for Mike:

  This one is for Kitty:


 This one for me:

 This one for you (it’s your Birthday Cottage).

 And, what would one of my posts be without dog quilts? Talk about quite a variety!




Here is the link to the rest of the quilt show pictures.

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September 29, 2011 at 9:24 pm

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Neiman Marcus Art of Fashion Campaign

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This is super old news (came out in Aug) but have you seen Neiman Marcus’ Art of Fashion Campaign with Drew Barrymore?  OMG – amazing.

Here is a little behind the scene video – so glamorous.


Now . . . that is fashion.  Kind of dreading watching PR tonight.

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September 29, 2011 at 8:29 am

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Be Thankful Everyday

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September 28, 2011 at 2:54 pm

One Week Countdown . . .

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has begun. 

Next week at this time I will be (probably be wide awake, writing emails from my laptop in the bathroom so Mike doesn’t yet at me)  just getting up and getting ready to attack the day in San Fran and Napa!

We’re going to start with breakfast around Fisherman’s Wharf and then the double decker bus tour! In 90 minutes we’ll see:

  • Fisherman’s Wharf: The Cannery, Ghirardelli Square, Hyde Street Pier, Maritime Museum,
  • Aquatic Park, Pier 39, Bay Cruises, Wax Museum, Boudin Bakery, USS Pampanito, Sea Lions and Shopping
  • Barbary Coast: Alcatraz Pier 33, Levi’s Plaza, Fog City Diner, Telgraph Hill, Filbert Street, Steps to Coit Tower
  • Ferry Building: Ferries, Farmers Market, BART, Embarcadero Shopping, AT&T Ballpark, Bay BridgeSouth of Market: Moscone Center, Metreon Center, Yerba Buena Gardens, SF MOMA, CalTrain
  • City Hall: Civic Center, Asian Art Museum, Opera House, Ballet
  • Union Square: Major Department Stores, Hotels, Theatres and Cable Cars
  • Chinatown Gate: Padoga Gates, Old St Mary’s Church, China Town
  • Financial District: Financial District, Transamerica Pyramid, Bank of America Building, Fortune Cookie Factory
  • North Beach: Italian District Restaurants, Coit Tower, Washington Square
  • Lombard Street: Crooked Street, Russian Hill, Hyde Street Cable Car, Spectacular views of San Francisco Bay

Then we’re heading up to Napa . . . first stop is to have lunch with an old client of mine that works and lives in Napa now.  We’re meeting her at the Franciscan Winery.

Then stopping at our hotel to check in (its so cute!).

(and beautiful!)

Then we’ll meet up with the Conn’s for a tasting at Cakebread.

And will finish off the day at Farmstead for dinner.

Sounds like a pretty perfect day to me!


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September 28, 2011 at 11:11 am

Dear Project Runway Producers,

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Are you really going to ruin my favorite show?  Perhaps you haven’t done enough research as to why I watch your show?  Some of the most creative characters I’ve ever witnessed have been contestants on P.R.  Watching the models sashay down the runway in some of the most glorious outfits sewn by Santino, Chris March,  Leanne, Christian Siriano was fun.  I’m tired of watching whiney, crying, boring people send outfits like this down the runway:

And that was from Anna, one of our favorite designers!

Does this gentleman look comfortable in this?

To practice what I preach, to not be whiney myself, here are some creative quilts.  Since you sent me the pictures of quilts that were quilted with words, I’ve been actively seeking out those designs.  I also love color.  Here is a great combination:

  That was one side, here is the other:


Love you,  My Dream come true, Mom

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September 27, 2011 at 8:52 pm

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Signed, Sealed and Delivered (Eventually)

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Well, its (almost) officially, official that Mike and I are homeowners (!!!!).  We signed our life away this afternoon, and wrote a check for a significant chunk of our life savings (gulp) . . . but it feels right and it happened so quickly that we really didn’t have a chance to second guess our decision (not that we will, hopefully).

Sometime after our second anniversary we’ll be moving  three blocks closer to the subway (a hop, skip and jump from Egg, our favorite breakfast spot) to this tiny piece of Williamsburg real estate.  🙂  All 1,101 square feet will be ours. . . . completely and totally 100% ours, which is still shocking to me at this point.

Here is a picture of the current living room . . .

Where the purple (gross) wall is now I’m imaging a wall of bookshelves (filled with all of our books, pictures, DVDs, etc) which will also house our TV. Something similar to this.

I’m imagining the rest of the decor will be based around our paintings from Belize, courtesy of Doris and Dom’s travels.  The colors are mostly blue and brown . . . earthy and warm. Our current couch is a great start for the living room . . . especially if you add the following.

The current dining room . . . (which will be where this couch is now).

will look more like this.

The perfect kitchen (look at all the counter and cabinet space and breakfast bar!!!!!)

The second bedroom (which will be an office/guest room) . . . .

will include our current sleeper sofa and some of the following.

Master bedroom . . .

warmed up a little.

Master bathroom . . .

Second bathroom . . .

And last but not least, the private roof deck.  I have no clue what to expect with that, but how awesome to have something like this to lounge on with friends after a long work day?

(should probably have some sort of steel tables and chairs since it’s on the roof . . . we shall see!  :)) Yay!

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September 26, 2011 at 5:03 pm

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