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I second the PR review

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I like the new typeface on our titles.  Nice job. 

I think the Atlantic-Pacific blog is so much more interesting in PR this season.  I’m tired of the drama from all those UNTALENTED designers.  Since you already put the worst of the worst, perhaps I should review previous season’s avant guard creations.

Some of the Best examples came from Chris March.  He will have a new show on Bravo sometime soon.  Hopefully that will be something interesting to watch. 

The biggest controversy on PR this season actually happened on a website called Ravelry.  The  discussion was whether Scarf Man actually made and/or designed the scarf that Heidi tried to rip off his neck.  I bet by now she has received hundreds in the mail.
Here is a picture of the actual pattern, its called RatRace!  The view on Project Runway was too fast to actually tell that it is RATS!!!  Since you are so into scarves this year, maybe you would like to make this.  Morehouse actually has some cute knitted animal scarves, etc.
 We had spectacular weather today, low 80’s breezy, sunny.  I played in the garden ALL morning.

Written by bevanddara

September 3, 2011 at 11:52 pm

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