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LC Inspects My hair

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Before I begin my original blog entry, I’m pausing to try to breathe.  I watched the trailer for the snowboarding.  Hopefully Ellen will read this entry so I can warn her NOT to watch it. (ELLEN-DON’T WATCH THE METAL TRAILER!!!) You and Mike are never to tell me before you go snowboarding.  I would really rather that you (and Mike) refrain from actually going snowboarding, especially off  helicopters  onto extremely high cliffs when lots of injuries with BLOOD occur. 

Okay, I’m done being a scardy cat mother.  I returned a cute quilt today, unfortunately, there is no picture to show you.  Why, you ask?  Because I bought a new memory card for my computer, and it had too much memory.  How can one ever have too much memory?  I went to get my old memory card to use, but became distracted, forgot what I was looking for, and then promptly loaded the quilt into my car without taking the picture.  Obviously I could use a new memory card!

I dropped off the quilt, exchanged the memory card (I was smart and tried it in my camera in the store.) I went to have my hair coiffed.  I’m done with long hair, and ready to have it chopped off.  I don’t ever remember my hair being this long. I researched donating my hair to Locks of Love.  This is the link for requirements (   I have enough sterling silver in my hair that Jacque doesn’t use bleach to give my hair a sun kissed glow.  But…he wants my hair to grow one more month before he cuts it.  The hair has to be 10 inches long,  which it is, but I shocked him by asking him to cut that much off.  So my hairdresser needs to prepare himself to cut my hair. Is that too funny! These are pictures of L.C.  inspecting the color and length…


Sneaking in a scratchy cat tongue kiss…

You can’t see her in this picture, she ran off to get a measuring tape,  she is sure this is 10 inches.


I’m trying to remember to check the category for my blog entries.  Is this considered tid bits, inspirations or pets?

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September 7, 2011 at 9:04 pm

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