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Last Summer Weekend in Jamestown

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So, this was (most likely) the last weekend adventure to Jamestown for the summer.  We went up this weekend to play in the 10th Annual Peter Clark Memorial Golf Tournament (Kerry’s – AKA the Mayor of Jamestown – Dad).  We had some fun before the tournament, though.

Saturday Mike helped Matt put the boat in (they took it out for Irene) and then we played some early morning golf.  The sky was AAAAmazing and the weather could not be more perfect.

Then Mike and I mowed the lawn (haven’t done that since living in PA!) and went for a swim with Chetty.  Here is a little video of Chet trying to dry himself off.  🙂 He’s silly.


Then went on the boat with Matt, Morgan and Lauren for a sunset cruise (and the boys TRIED to fish with zero luck).

After we went to Mark and Julie’s to help them prepare for the event the next day and have a bbq.  I made pico and guac and they were a huge hit.

Sunday was the tournament at the Jamestown Golf Course. 23 teams on a 9 hole golf course – craziness.  Julie got a hole in one of the 7th.  We actually saw it happen because we were playing right behind them – so awesome.  They ended up winning the whole tournament. 

Peter’s bench on the 4th, which was dedicated at the same event a few years ago. He played the golf on this course atleast 4 times a week and ended up having a heart attack and passing away on the course 10 years ago . . .   so its very fitting, of course, to have the event here every year with all of his golfing buddies to remember the good times they had.

The course put flags on everyone’s carts in remembrance of 9/11.

We ended the match at 1 over par, but it was a great cap off to a great summer in Jamestown.

Written by bevanddara

September 12, 2011 at 8:56 am

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