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Fall is in the Air

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This weekend was spent at home, which was great.

Friday night we spent a few hours at Two Door Tavern (which we’ll, most likely, frequent more – especially once Feb comes around!) and rented Unknown with Liam Nelson.  It was entertaining.

Saturday morning we got up early and played 18 holes at Split Rock in the Bronx.  We played with the sweetest (but OLDEST) lady golfers in NY. It took us 6.5 hours just to play 14 holes, which is when we gave up and went home.  But look at this – pretty impressive land being just 10 miles or so away from our place.  (This was actually after I hit my best drive of the entire day).

We’ll definitely be back again.

Saturday night we went to the Widespread Panic concert on the waterfront (last one that will be held there, ever).  It was pretty fun people watching (not to mention very convenient being only 2 blocks away).

Then met Katya, Unity, CK and Che at Isa (the new hot spot in Williamsburg) for dinner.  We ended up not getting a table (after making reservations AND waiting an hour and a half) so we stopped by the taco stand at La Esquina and all went to CK and Che’s and ate at their dining room table – it was just as fun!  This is the entrance to the little backyard/taco stand/beer garden for La Esquina.

Look how cute Isa is, though.  We’ll go back, but maybe on a Tuesday night this time.

On Sunday, Vicki and I went to The Taste of Williamsburg and Greenpoint Festival.  It was right on Kent, so very convenient and VERY TASTy.

The Empire State Building looks fake in this picture.


Happy 86th Mom-Mom!  Spoke to her yesterday, she sounded great.


Written by bevanddara

September 19, 2011 at 1:59 pm

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