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Dear Project Runway Producers,

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Are you really going to ruin my favorite show?  Perhaps you haven’t done enough research as to why I watch your show?  Some of the most creative characters I’ve ever witnessed have been contestants on P.R.  Watching the models sashay down the runway in some of the most glorious outfits sewn by Santino, Chris March,  Leanne, Christian Siriano was fun.  I’m tired of watching whiney, crying, boring people send outfits like this down the runway:

And that was from Anna, one of our favorite designers!

Does this gentleman look comfortable in this?

To practice what I preach, to not be whiney myself, here are some creative quilts.  Since you sent me the pictures of quilts that were quilted with words, I’ve been actively seeking out those designs.  I also love color.  Here is a great combination:

  That was one side, here is the other:


Love you,  My Dream come true, Mom

Written by bevanddara

September 27, 2011 at 8:52 pm

Posted in Project Runway, Quilts

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