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Chet’s Vacation

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You and Mike are not the only Dierks on Vacation!   It’s a good thing you let Chet rest up on Friday.  The adventure started on Monday.  We slept until 9:00 on Monday!  Poor Chet knew I was packing and figured out he was going with me when I packed his toys and food.  We walked our suitcase and toys to the car, to find out that it was surrounded by lots of men and big stuff.  A tractor-trailer was being packed with items for Boardwalk Empire.  (I can not give a better description of the things going in the truck because I have no idea how to begin describing them.)  We walked to my favorite coffee shop, there was a mob of people there with a lot of stuff. A new TV show called Unforgettable was being filmed in the shop, it was closed for the day.  We walked down the street to another coffee shop, I had freshly ground, french pressed coffee with a VEGAN chocolate chip cookie!  (FINALLY I HAD SOME COFFEE!)  We returned to the car, the men freed the car from the assorted stuff, and we were off to Lancaster.

Chester insisted on stopping at one of my favorite fabric shops, Burkholder’s.  He had a wonderful time shopping.  I put the brown quilt on the bottom of a shopping cart, he put his front feet on the front of the cart and  rode around the store.  Of course, since he is so cute, everyone had to pet him.  (He can’t wait for you to see the fabric he picked out.)

The only problem Chet is having is that there is WAY  too much grass around.  (He accidentally pooped on the only cement he could find-on Ruth’s front porch.)

Don’t worry, Chester is not getting too spoiled! Look, he is off Mommom’s lap.

And you will notice that in this picture he and Dad are not in the kitchen.  (Chester figured out that PopPop is the person who spends a lot of time in the kitchen.)

Chet wants you to know that he’s having a great time, but misses you!

Written by bevanddara

October 5, 2011 at 10:16 pm

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