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First of all, I think you’re getting to be a very good quilt photographer (especially given the equipment you have – how old is that camera!?) AND you can live at Auberge du Soleil . . . if you’re a millionaire that is. 

Yeah . . . I could totally live here too. 

See the little houses you can rent on the hillside.

This pool has a slightly better view than yours. 🙂

Nice little country cottage

This is the porch we sat on for dinner.  We watched the sunset over the mountains . . . beautiful.

ANYWAY . . . back to reality and the reason for my post!  Caitlin passed along a website that had pictures of dogs doing “The Jowler” which is something her husband, Jeff, invented (I think) . . . its when you shake your head really fast and let your jaw just do what it wants.  Yeah, he’s a nut, but its hilarious . . . especially when you take pictures of The Jowler in action.  This is what a dog looks like when doing “The Jowler”.

This is Chet’s version (from the beach this summer).

The pet photographer’s name is Carli Davidson.  You should check out her site for more laughs.  🙂

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October 13, 2011 at 8:56 am

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