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I recently ran across a blog called L.A. In Bloom that’s pretty neat.  Heather Taylor is the blogger . . . and she lives in LA, obviously, and has created little webisodes for some of her posts (it will be YEARS before I will be that creative!). 

One of the webisodes (I can’t paste them into this post for the life of me!) is making a date shake (with almond milk!) that looks AAAmazing.  She also makes homemade chips, guac (Kim – for you :)) and “farmers market margaritas” which only have agave, two pieces of any fruit (she used grapefruit from her backyard), juice of one lime and tequila.

She was also recently featured in a magazine called Sunset.  There were a few pictures of her house (that I want SO badly!).  It looks like such a cute little beachy/LAish/bohemian cottage. 

This dining room is what I would LOVE for our new dining room to look like (except the light is a little off-center and its really bothering me :)). I already have the long dining table with benches.  All I need now is that kick-a$$ light fixture and amazing window treatments (and molding, paint, flowers, credenza . . . I’m focusing on the big stuff first!).  I was picturing having an area rug under the table . . . but now seeing this I may be reconsidering that.

How amazing is this backyard?  Wonder if we can somehow get a hammock hung on our roof deck . . . well that and an orange tree planted. 🙂

She also posted about traveling to Big Sur (now, definitely, on my To Do List). (you can read the post here). 

Besides writing about how awesome it is up there (look . . . awesome) . . .

. . . she also made my FAVORITE Giada veggie roasted baked penne recipe!  Makes me want to whip it up this weekend.

Speaking of LA . . . I’m going to be there for less than 24 hours next week (flying out Wed night and coming home on the red eye on Thursday).   (Not this week, Kim, but I have a wedding in VT next weekend so I can’t stay!  😦  Why does that always happen?). Oh the glamorous life of an IR professional!

Written by bevanddara

October 19, 2011 at 8:10 pm

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