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My very favorite Florida flower is blooming.  The flower is gorgeous and what makes it even more special is the wonderful fragrance that wafts through the yard in the evening. The actual name of the plant is Brugmansia.  Do you remember the HUGE lily we saw at the Brooklyn Botanical Garden?  I was reminded  of this flower when we saw the lily.

2-Putt tried to get in the picture so you would know the scale of the plant.  (It didn’t work.)  This plant blooms like this several times each year. Below is a “baby” that I started.  This is the first time it has bloomed.  The purple bush in the background is a lorapetalum.

 You can tell in this picture that the plant is related to a poinsettia.

Have you heard of Pinterest?  (Vicki has !)  It is an online bulletin board.  Someone “pinned” one of my quilting designs on their board.  That person had this picture – wine corks and bromeliads!  How perfect for your new place.

I think you would have to water these with an eye droper.  But aren’t they cool?

Written by bevanddara

October 23, 2011 at 9:14 pm

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