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It’s a good thing that I read your blog entry after dinner.  Please start warning me when you write an entry that contains 70,000 calories.  The thin person featured for Dough was dining on my favorite donut – blood orange.  Dough might have been one of the few places on that list that I’ve actually eaten at.  I believe you might be falling down on the ” keep up with the in place to eat  job.”

Last night Kathy(Comer) and I were surprised at Dear Jane by Dora and her Daughter. Dora has added the triangle borders to her Dear Jane masterpiece!

After completing 169 4 1/2 blocks, you make the triangles on the border.

Dora’s quilt is made from Civil War reproduction fabrics.  The original maker of the quilt sewed this during  the Civil War.

I can’t tell you who this version is being made for – it’s a giant secret, but I’ve talked about it following visits to City Quilter in NYC:


And to show you another version of the quilt – MINE!!!

This picture is for Kim B. and anyone else considering making the quilt.  Notice Kathy’s fingernail . . . notice the size of the piece going into one of the blocks.  

My parents are brilliant only making quilts with large blocks!!!!!!

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October 25, 2011 at 7:50 pm

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