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Katya’s Wedding Dress!

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Today (or tomorrow, whenever you are reading this) I’m going to Kleinfeld’s with Katya to look at dresses!  We don’t have very similar styles . . . she goes for the more fitted (as she should!) attire while I’m more flowy so it took a while to find dresses that I like that I think she would like but I found a few!

First of all, this is one she already has picked out to try on – the back (and front) is stunning!

Here are some I like for her.

Have to start with Vera.

And Monique

I don’t know the designer of this one but I LOVE it.

Jenny Packham




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November 30, 2011 at 6:09 pm

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Weddings in Mexico

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Katya and Unity just got back from checking out wedding spots in Tulum for their big day, which will be next year around this time.  Here is a picture of them on the beach on Thanksgiving.

I CANNOT WAIT for this wedding and to see these two love birds tie the knot.  Tomorrow I’m going to Klienfelds (eek!) with Katya to look at wedding dresses.  To get inspired I looked around the good old wedding blogs for pictures from other destination weddings that took place in Mexico . . . this is what I found.  Kind of makes me want to get married all over again . . . but only if I could do it if for free! 🙂

Dresses will be posted tomorrow!!!

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November 30, 2011 at 11:12 am

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This blog has gone to the dogs(again)!

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Eagle here again.  Dara, I must tell you that I hope I will be invited to the party that Chet and Beannie are throwing.  Sometimes I wish I was a New York City dog.  Mom has never let me throw a party.  Bean and Chet must be getting pretty accomplished at hosting parties. I know they’ve helped you and Vicki celebrate  birthday and Halloween.

Mom visited Jake, Tommy and Molly last night.  They are dogs who own her friend Kathy, Mom goes to Kathy’s house on Monday night’s to work on that F. Jane Quilt. She worked on the middle block of the middle row of the quilt. She asked me to send a picture of the center of the block.

 I hate Tuesdays, Mom goes away all day.  She visits Judy, Mike and their cat.  They sew and have girl talk. (Mike usually has to yell at Mom for being late.  It’s my fault, as soon as I see that sewing machine go into the car, I run to the way far back of the yard and refuse to go in the house.) 

Judy finished these table runners:


 Debbie finished this beautiful Christmas Quilt:


These pretty flowers blooming in Judy’s garden are called ground orchids:

I love living in Florida!

Mom usually stops at the library on her way home.  She is finishing :


 This book is by the author of Maine.  Mom wants you to know that she still LOVES her nook, but still borrows beading and quilt books.  She was even later than usual and her hair was beautifully blond when she finally came home.

Tomorrow I’m going to show you my favorite place to dig in the dirt.   I bet that will make Chet and Beanie jealous!


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November 29, 2011 at 8:21 pm

A Piece of Australia in Williamsburg

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New places are popping up everywhere in our neighborhood . . . especially coffee shops!  I think Blue Bottle will have some stiff competition when Toby’s Estate opens (right across from our new building’s N 6th St entrance).  I Google’d it last night and found that they have a cult following in Australia and this is the first shop to open in the US.   Not only is a cafe but they have an espresso school and a coffee sommelier course (yes – you read that right – a coffee sommelier). 

I took this picture of the outside last night (sorry, pretty hard to see) – if they went through all of this work just to announce that it’s coming it must be good!

Here are a few pictures of locations in Australia that I found.

Toby inspecting his beans.

Exciting stuff!

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November 29, 2011 at 11:17 am

Random Pictures from the Camera

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Lauren & Ryan’s Visit to Brooklyn – NYC Marathon on Bedford Ave

Lots of smiles around mile 13!

Turkey Day in Worcester

Mike and I were in charge of decorating the table – look at those fancy napkins!

A fabulous meal cooked by Ellen which included an incredible Tandoori Turkey.

Day after Thanksgiving – Lauren & I making dinner + bowling!

Ellen looks nervous.  🙂

Turkey Empanadas!

Ellen & Ellen

Ellen in the gutter – but look behind her – she got a strike!

These two are AWESOME bowlers – not surprising.  🙂

Lauren getting a strike!

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November 28, 2011 at 9:53 pm

Chester & Bean Present: A Very Special Christmas!

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So . . . Thanksgiving is over which means its HOLIDAY PARTY TIME!  We have a million to go to in December . . . our third one is on Sat, which Chester and Bean are hosting. Since Chet can’t cook its up to Mike and I to prepare some goodies.

So for my something savory I’m thinking Hot Artichoke Spinach Dip.  This is the lightened up version.

For my something sweet I’m going to make Sweet Potato Cider Cupcakes with Marshmallow Frosting.

And to wash it all down . . . a Poinsettia Cocktail.

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November 28, 2011 at 9:49 am

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Hi Dara – Eagle Here

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Mom told me about a book called A week in the life of Marilyn Monroe, I thought a week in my life would be much more interesting to you.  (Actually, while looking up the actual title of the book, Mom discovered that its a movie called My Week with Marilyn.) For those of you who read the blog and don’t know who I am -I’m a seven-year old Boston Terrier.  I am a very muscular 25 pounds.  Boston terriers like me are very smart and very coordinated.  We can be persistent, due to the terrier part. Since I look like I’m dressed in a tuxedo, you might be fooled into thinking I’m well behaved.

Sunday is my favorite day, because Mom and Dad usually spend the day at home with me.  When Mom wakes up, I kiss her until she gets out of bed.  I run outside (you know why) Mom finally joins me with a cup of coffee and the newspaper.  We enjoy sitting by (and sometimes standing in ) Lily the Elephant fountain.

Sometimes I can’t help myself, I have to cool off my feet.  While Mom reads the paper, I guard her from the obnoxious squirrels that have invaded our yard.  This one is in the palm tree right over Mom’s head.  I wish someone would put a ladder up the tree so I can reach the bugger.

Next, Mom hides in her closet, to put on her sneakers because WE GO FOR A WALK!!!!!!!!  There is nothing in the world as exciting as going for a walk with 2-Putt, Bogie, Mom and Dad.  (Mom has to put her sneaks on in the closet because Bogie steals her sock and 2-Putt takes her sneaker outside.  Maybe I get a little bit excited and jump around, scratch her legs and steal the sock and sneaker that are left.) When we come back from our walk I drink water and rest while M & D ride their bikes.

This is me watching for squirrels in the front of the house.  It’s really Bogie’s perch, but every once in a while I kick him off and check out the view in the front of the house.

We watched a movie called Salt tonight.  There was a lot of action.  There weren’t any dogs.  Mom thought it was very entertaining.  I’m off to bed soon.  First I have a biscuit, then L.C. comes to bed, and I clean her ears.  She’s a girl, so sometimes I let her hold my paws before we go to sleep.

What a great day! 


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November 27, 2011 at 11:05 pm

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