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It’s Tuesday, I’m sewing!  Cindy has 6 children, who like to keep in touch with her.  Her frequent phone calls were usually answered by Cindy saying “Its Tuesday, I’m sewing,” so the acronym ITIS became our nickname.

Debbie, Cathy, Cindy and Judy are in the picture.  Claudia and Pat are missing  from the picture.  Once a week I pack my car and (can a car skip?) spend the day at Judy’s sewing with fellow quilting addicts.   As I arrive Mike, the valet and Judy’s husband, carries in my 12 pound sewing machine.  (After he gives me demerits for being late.) Then, its 6 hours of ESTROGEN!!!!!  The warmth and friendship that exudes from this  group of women is so special.  We discuss everything.  I love being surrounded by people who give honest opinions about children, dogs,cats, husbands,gardens, food,parents, siblings…oh and QUILTING!!!

I love ITIS, but Judy and Mike get bonus points for hosting us at their beautiful home, and sharing their lives with me !

And…since Claudia wasn’t in the picture, and I haven’t posted a quilt in a while…this is a feathered star wall hanging Claudia made and I recently quilted.


 I don’t want to leave Pat out…she was one of my first customers.

This is still one of my favorite quilts.

Written by bevanddara

November 15, 2011 at 8:23 pm

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