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Dara: I’m Thankful For – Day 20

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It seems like everyone has a blog these days . . .  there are a million food blogs. . . sports blogs . . . fashion blogs . . . design blogs.  And you know what?  ITS A GREAT IDEA!  For me (and probably others) its kind of like going to a mini-therapist appointment everyday.  Everyday of life is different . . . there different experiences . . . different moods . . . different levels of stress . . . the blog doesn’t care. is a blank canvas to just talk about whatever we want (rather than why net revenue missed expectations or why profit margins are expanding).  It’s nice for me to open up Wordpress . . . spend 5 minutes venting . . . try to do it creatively . . . and then get back to my day job.  I don’t always have something fun, interesting or insightful to say . . . but hey . . . I love it and it feels good.  Where else could you share your photos from a trip, add a story to go with them and send the link out to your friends and family . . . post a picture of your CSA pick up and recipes that go along with it . . . share pictures or videos of beautiful finished quilts, dogs and their mischief and the flowers in your garden . . . post pictures of sweaters you yearn for . . . tables that would look great in your new condo . . . and go through all of the things you’re thankful for without annoying a million people on Facebook? A blog!  I love opening it in the mornings and seeing your posts . . . its like Christmas.  We talk almost everyday but this is a different way to speak to each other . . . something we do on our own time . . . share things that inspire that are hard to share over the phone.  Its awesome and I’m so glad we’re keeping up with it.  I can’t wait to scroll through all of the posts at the end of the year to see everything we’ve done and all that inspired us.  How lucky we are to have it all documented at  I’m so thankful for this blog . . . and to have a great co-blogger.  🙂

Written by bevanddara

November 23, 2011 at 10:05 am

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