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Mom told me about a book called A week in the life of Marilyn Monroe, I thought a week in my life would be much more interesting to you.  (Actually, while looking up the actual title of the book, Mom discovered that its a movie called My Week with Marilyn.) For those of you who read the blog and don’t know who I am -I’m a seven-year old Boston Terrier.  I am a very muscular 25 pounds.  Boston terriers like me are very smart and very coordinated.  We can be persistent, due to the terrier part. Since I look like I’m dressed in a tuxedo, you might be fooled into thinking I’m well behaved.

Sunday is my favorite day, because Mom and Dad usually spend the day at home with me.  When Mom wakes up, I kiss her until she gets out of bed.  I run outside (you know why) Mom finally joins me with a cup of coffee and the newspaper.  We enjoy sitting by (and sometimes standing in ) Lily the Elephant fountain.

Sometimes I can’t help myself, I have to cool off my feet.  While Mom reads the paper, I guard her from the obnoxious squirrels that have invaded our yard.  This one is in the palm tree right over Mom’s head.  I wish someone would put a ladder up the tree so I can reach the bugger.

Next, Mom hides in her closet, to put on her sneakers because WE GO FOR A WALK!!!!!!!!  There is nothing in the world as exciting as going for a walk with 2-Putt, Bogie, Mom and Dad.  (Mom has to put her sneaks on in the closet because Bogie steals her sock and 2-Putt takes her sneaker outside.  Maybe I get a little bit excited and jump around, scratch her legs and steal the sock and sneaker that are left.) When we come back from our walk I drink water and rest while M & D ride their bikes.

This is me watching for squirrels in the front of the house.  It’s really Bogie’s perch, but every once in a while I kick him off and check out the view in the front of the house.

We watched a movie called Salt tonight.  There was a lot of action.  There weren’t any dogs.  Mom thought it was very entertaining.  I’m off to bed soon.  First I have a biscuit, then L.C. comes to bed, and I clean her ears.  She’s a girl, so sometimes I let her hold my paws before we go to sleep.

What a great day! 


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November 27, 2011 at 11:05 pm

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