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This blog has gone to the dogs(again)!

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Eagle here again.  Dara, I must tell you that I hope I will be invited to the party that Chet and Beannie are throwing.  Sometimes I wish I was a New York City dog.  Mom has never let me throw a party.  Bean and Chet must be getting pretty accomplished at hosting parties. I know they’ve helped you and Vicki celebrate  birthday and Halloween.

Mom visited Jake, Tommy and Molly last night.  They are dogs who own her friend Kathy, Mom goes to Kathy’s house on Monday night’s to work on that F. Jane Quilt. She worked on the middle block of the middle row of the quilt. She asked me to send a picture of the center of the block.

 I hate Tuesdays, Mom goes away all day.  She visits Judy, Mike and their cat.  They sew and have girl talk. (Mike usually has to yell at Mom for being late.  It’s my fault, as soon as I see that sewing machine go into the car, I run to the way far back of the yard and refuse to go in the house.) 

Judy finished these table runners:


 Debbie finished this beautiful Christmas Quilt:


These pretty flowers blooming in Judy’s garden are called ground orchids:

I love living in Florida!

Mom usually stops at the library on her way home.  She is finishing :


 This book is by the author of Maine.  Mom wants you to know that she still LOVES her nook, but still borrows beading and quilt books.  She was even later than usual and her hair was beautifully blond when she finally came home.

Tomorrow I’m going to show you my favorite place to dig in the dirt.   I bet that will make Chet and Beanie jealous!


Written by bevanddara

November 29, 2011 at 8:21 pm

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