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Happy (almost) New Year!

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My name is Beverly and I’m a blog slacker, too!  Aren’t Golden retriever’s great?  I can’t imagine another dog putting up with 25 days of costumes.  What a wonderful thing for Kristina to do.

I don’t remember the last time Neil and I were home on New Year’s Eve, but that’s where we are tonight.  2-Putt and Eagle are in my lap.  Usually Eagle is the one who teaches Tupes bad habits, but 2-Putt has taught Eagle to be afraid of thunder and fireworks.

Speaking of  fireworks, the best ones were 2 years ago at YOUR WEDDING!!!!!! Happy Anniversary  to two of the most special people in the world.  I hope you put some of your favorite pictures up tomorrow, but here are some of my favorites.

A great rehearsal dinner, Ellen had the best idea-fun hats:

Very happy, proud grandmothers:

I loved how both of you BEAMED in this picture.  I wish you this much joy every day.My favorite picture is from your first dance, I’ll let you put that on the blog.  Love you both, and wish you many, many years of happiness together.

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December 31, 2011 at 9:53 pm

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Christmas Karma

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Jeez, I’ve been a slacker lately.  You know who hasn’t been?  Kristina Burbich (I know, blast from the past!).  She has a golden retriever named Karma who is regularly featured on her Facebook page dressed up in some silly outfit.  Starting December 1st she started “Karma’s Countdown to Christmas”. 

Every day she posted a new picture of Karma dressed up to resemble something/someone in a Christmas film.  For every “like” on the picture she donated $1 worth of toys to the Philly Childrens Hospital.  Very clever . . . which isn’t surprising. These were may favorite.

She ended up raising $800 worth!

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December 29, 2011 at 10:22 am

More XMas Photos + Think or Smile

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Sooo . . . I didn’t make it to Macy*s yesterday but I’m going to try again today! In the meantime, here are a few pictures I’ve taken this week of other holiday displays.

Now onto my second subject . . . Think or Smile.  Its a music blog that just featured Vicki’s photography.  You can read the story by clicking on this link – Victoria Masters: Music Felt Through the Lens.  Vicki and Dave have been the brains and beauty behind Stadiums and Shrines for close to two years now (I think? :)).  It’s nice to see her recognized for her beautiful and unique photography. These are my favorite from the post.

I’ve had a few opportunities to see her “work” at these shows.  Its a tough job!  She fights her way to the stage and stands for hours (and this is usually after a full day of work).  None of the pictures have been edited, its pure talent. Yeah . . . I know . . . I have some pretty amazing people in my life!

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December 22, 2011 at 9:57 am

Land of the Bubblemakers

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Land of the Bubblemakers . . . that’s what the Saks Fifth Ave Holiday Window Display is called this year.

Here is a video from the light show.

Here are a few (awful, sorry!) pictures I took.

This is a video from the light display last year (which is much better, in my opinion).

BTW – my new favorite Christmas song is Christmas Canon by the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.  I could listen to it all day . . . luckily Pandora doesn’t allow that.  🙂

Wish me luck on fighting my way to the Macy*s Holiday Window Display tonight!

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December 21, 2011 at 9:15 am

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Reasons to Live in the Moment

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I’m doing it!  I have the Maria Carey Christmas Pandora channel playing at work . . . and fought my way to Rockefeller Center after work yesterday to see the tree.

Here are three reasons to live in the moment and truly soak in every second on this Earth.

1. Life is Beautiful. Sometimes you just have to go slightly out of your way to see that.


2. Family & Friends. I’m so lucky to have so many amazing people in my life.  Spent this past weekend with the Ferrantes. Ellen made Richard a red velvet birthday cake on Sunday – it was yummy! It’s a Ferrante family tradition to do a birthday speech.  Richard’s speech was well thought out and touching, of course, but one thing he said that stuck with me is that he’s the happiest when he’s with his family.  You can certainly tell that by looking at these pictures. Looking forward to seeing some of my favorite friends and family this weekend!

3. Life is Precious.  Its been exactly one year since Dana lost her fight with cancer.  I’m thinking of Don and the boys today.  I feel honored that they spent their last New Years Eve together with us.

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December 20, 2011 at 9:29 am

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This Could be Chester, Bogie, 2Putt or Eagle

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I will definitely be hidden in your suitcase when you go on your trip in March.

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December 19, 2011 at 10:16 pm

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Living in the Moment

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I’m finding it pretty hard to live in the moment these days.  I’m a super planner so I’m always thinking of the next project, meeting, meal, trip and never really live in the moment and enjoy every second of the event to truly enjoy all of the work, thought, or time put into it.  It’s definitely something I’m going to try to work on.

Christmas time around NYC is so magical . . . and it will be over before we know it so for the rest of this week I’m going to go out of my way and take in some of the special holiday lights/displays that NY has to offer and will share those on this blog.

BUT, today I’m not going to do that.  2012 is shaping up to be a fantastic year.  Mike and I will be buying our first place, we have a few great friends welcoming their first babies next year . . . a few other great friends tying the knot . . . AND we’re going to Switzerland (to go skiing) and Italy (to drink wine :)) in March!  So today I’m going to show you the place we’re (most likely) staying at in Switzerland. 

The chalet’s name is Chalet D’Amore  (does that mean love shack?).  This is the description.

This chalet is a luxurious four bedroom abode in the heart of the lovely Winkelmatten area of Zermatt, just a short walk from the main Klein Matterhorn lift station, with its own local shops, bars and restaurants. The apartment is on the second floor of a new chalet built in 2006, ‘Casa D’Amore’, built in traditional Swiss quality with luxury decor throughout including Italian bathroom fittings, modern kitchen appliances, Swiss oak floors and fitted wardrobes. Guests have shared use of the wellness area which has a jacuzzi, sauna and rainfall showers which is located in the lower ground floor. There is an elevator in the building.

The four bedroom apartment consists of three double en suite bedrooms and one twin bedroom which has a water closet adjacent to the room. Three of the four bedrooms have spectacular Matterhorn views. The lounge has Sky TV, DVD, I-Pod dock and has fantastic Matterhorn views through the floor to ceiling windows and from the balconies, there is also an open fire.

Sounds pretty great, huh?  These are the pictures.

You can almost smell the crisp clean air by looking at these pictures.

Definitely going to have a cocktail here.  🙂

How cute is this town?  No cars allowed.

Pretty excited . . . okay . . . back to Christmas.  🙂

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December 19, 2011 at 10:13 am

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