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Well, you’ll have to tune in to the blog in Nov/Dec of 2012 to see the final dress but this is the front-runner (the designer’s website is kind of bizarre so I can’t show a good picture of it).  It is insanely perfect for Katya and a beach wedding.

This is the front.  Very classic.

And you can kind of see the back in this picture (behind the girl with a cage on her head!).  It’s all open with a little lace around the one side and the bottom.  Its so pretty in person.  There were three other girls there and we all started to tear up!

Kleinfelds is craziness, though.  What a factory that place is. There was a girl there that had a $32,000 dress on and was seriously thinking about “saying yes”.  I could think of a million and two other things to spend $32,000 on.

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December 1, 2011 at 9:30 pm

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