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Bobby Flay tortured me today

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I’ve had a very busy week, and I guess you have, too!

Neil and I are on our way to a Chamber of Commerce holiday party. I was a lucky Princess on Wednesday.  At the Feather Princess party I won a door prize:

I was lucky a second time, I won an apron pattern.  We are having a Tea at our April meeting, and are having an apron contest. This is the pattern I won:

I watched Bobby Flay’s Throwdown today (while finishing my last quilt before Christmas, yeah!) CHOCOLATE BREAD PUDDING!!!!! His opponent was a food truck in NYC.  The Food Truck was being filmed for a real Food Network show, but they thought it was actually going to be a Bobby Flay Throwdown.  Bobby heard about it, and did turn it into a throwdown.  The foodtruck won.

Started in October 2007, DessertTruck is a pioneer in the mobile food business.  Founded and run by pastry chefs from the fine dining world, DessertTruck aims to provide awesome handmade desserts without the cost and fuss of fine dining. DessertTruck currently has one truck that operates on the streets of NYC and a pastry cafe on the Lower East Side, which opened in 2010.

Visit our website at

This is a link to the recipe-

I’m going to go wipe off my drool now.



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December 16, 2011 at 5:32 pm

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