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More XMas Photos + Think or Smile

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Sooo . . . I didn’t make it to Macy*s yesterday but I’m going to try again today! In the meantime, here are a few pictures I’ve taken this week of other holiday displays.

Now onto my second subject . . . Think or Smile.  Its a music blog that just featured Vicki’s photography.  You can read the story by clicking on this link – Victoria Masters: Music Felt Through the Lens.  Vicki and Dave have been the brains and beauty behind Stadiums and Shrines for close to two years now (I think? :)).  It’s nice to see her recognized for her beautiful and unique photography. These are my favorite from the post.

I’ve had a few opportunities to see her “work” at these shows.  Its a tough job!  She fights her way to the stage and stands for hours (and this is usually after a full day of work).  None of the pictures have been edited, its pure talent. Yeah . . . I know . . . I have some pretty amazing people in my life!

Written by bevanddara

December 22, 2011 at 9:57 am

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  1. […] both so talented and I’m so proud to call them great friends. A few months ago I posted an an interview that Vicki did late last year.  Well, now I have the pleasure of posting one for […]

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