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New Years Eve used to be such a let down.  I would get all stressed about making plans and the night was usually a dud.  I’ll tell you what, though . . . the past three have certainly made up for all of those duds. 

This year Mike and I went to The Little Owl where we chowed down on truffle risotto, halibut and pumpkin panna cotta (and a few glasses of wine).  The restaurant was incredibly beautiful.  This picture was taken from my seat at the far end of the restaurant.  Its one of the smallest in the city . . . and on New Years Eve 1,000 beautiful balloons (thats the actual amount, we asked!) filled the ceiling.  It was so magical. After, we trekked back to Brooklyn to the Counting Room and met up with some of our favorite peeps and finally got to bed around 4am.  Perfection.

Last year we were in Kauai at the St. Regis sipping margaritas on the beach with Mike’s family.  Sebastian sent this picture to us on Saturday with a little “Happy Anniversary” note – sweet.  🙂 

But, of course, my favorite was ringing in 2010 with my new husband and family and friends. Best. Night. Of. My. Life.

Is this the picture you were talking about?

Mike and I just exchanged cards this year for our anniversary.  In mine to him I put a copy of my vows that I had dug up.  Here they are!

The first day I met you . . . you were wearing a black shirt with red stitching along the outside . . . you drank double o sevens and made me laugh the entire night.  It was that night that I realized I was falling in love with you.  I loved your smile, blue eyes, wit, laugh, your positivity, sense of style and ease, your outlook on life.

Eight months later . . . on our first date at the Red Cross.  We sat for hours talking about everything and anything.  It was that day that I realized I respected you.  Respected your love and devotion to your family and friends, respected your values and dreams, your love for New England sports teams and the fact that you were comfortable with who you were.

Eight months later . . . at Okemo Mountain when I was getting slid through the first aid station window frostbitten . . . broken . . . scared . . . and incredibly late for lunch . . . your face was the first one I saw.  It was that day that I realized I needed you.  I needed you to be there to tell me everything was going to be okay, needed you to be there on good days to help me celebrate, and on bad days when I need someone to vent to.  I needed your goodnight kisses and good morning emails.  Your energy to encourage me to enjoy every single moment of every single day.

Four and a half years later . . . while watching you pace back and forth for twenty minutes “looking for your watch in the grass” finally getting up enough nerve to throw me a ring box, ask me to marry you and then get down on one knee, I realized that I could never live without you.

Today, in front of our family and friends , I vow to you that I will never stop loving you, respecting you, needing you . . . through sickness and health, for richer, for poorer, for better, for worse, in sadness and in joy, as long as we both shall live.

Mike and I have had our ups and downs (MANY more ups, though) over the past eight and a half years . . . and I still do love him with my whole heart . . . respect him more than anyone else I know . . . and desperately need him in my life each and every day.  I’m one VERY lucky girl to have that man in my life and I will never forget that.

Now I have to start planning 2012’s festivities!  🙂

Written by bevanddara

January 3, 2012 at 8:35 am

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