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Beauty and the Beast

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Sunday I enjoyed spending the day with 16 hard-core applique artists.  The Princess Guild had Elly Sienkiewicz, the QUEEN of applique teaching workshops all week.  I volunteered to be a teacher’s helper.  (I didn’t want to take a class since I haven’t finished the block I started when I took her class 2 years ago.)  Elly is one of the most gracious women I have ever been around.

Her style of applique is called Baltimore Beauty.  The original  quilts of that style were created in the Baltimore area around 1850. ( This concludes the educational portion of the blog.)  Stephanie has 30 of these blocks finished…she was working on them when I sewed your wedding dress.

If any of our readers want one of these quilts, they should start sewing NOW.  (The block that Elly was demonstrating on Sunday was made mostly of silk ribbons.  It was stunningly, gorgeously, beautiful.  Lots and lots of work.

From beauty to the beast.

Several years ago, Poppop gave me a compost tumbler.

I put all the vegetable waste in the tumbler to try to make some compost to enrich the sand that pretends to be soil in Florida.  One must also add water to the tumbler .  I was getting the hose when Eagle (Who else would be the beast in this story?) was straddling the wheelbarrow.  By the time I called Neil to see what HIS dog was doing, Eagle had somehow landed IN the tumbler.  What a knucklehead!!!

(FYI Knuclehead is in spellcheck, but applique isn’t.)




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January 16, 2012 at 8:53 pm

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