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A Very Surprising Weekend . . .

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Wow, can’t believe its Monday already.  Ugh, what a bummer. The only thing getting me through today is knowing that I’ll be in sunny San Diego with my bestie this weekend!

So yes, very surprising weekend . . . one of the best surprises of the weekend was Vicki’s b-day party. 60 black balloons + 20 of her best friends + bday cake from Buttercup + tons of yummy food and drinks prepared by her friends + one VERY surprised Vic = success.  We had the photobooth set up . . .  hopefully when Vic catches her breath at work (super busy week for them) she’ll post the pics.  I bet they’re pretty hilarious.  This is a pic of her walking into the surprise, though.  Love it.

Then we had Conn’s surprise at Foxwoods on Saturday.  So great to see them.

That’s when the good surprises ended . . . we got one very bad surprise on Saturday.  That the stupid owners of La Jardin decided to turn our beautiful condo building into a rental.  We’ve been waiting and planning for this apartment for 3+ months and to have it taken away in one instant is heartbreaking.  BUT everything happens for a reason.  Maybe the reason is that Mike will get an incredible job offer outside of the NYC area . . . maybe we’ll win the Powerball jackpot and can afford to get a whole townhouse in Brooklyn instead of a two bedroom . . . or maybe we’ll find a condo that is even better . . . like this one (which happens to be in our price range and is available now). Looks like a pretty nice place to drink your morning coffee while reading the newspaper, right?

It’s a two bedroom but only has one bathroom . . . BUT it has 800 square feet of outdoor space and a sunroom.  1,869 total square feet . . . that’s kind of unheard of in the city . . . unless you’re a millionaire.  We’ll see!

One thing that wasn’t surprising is that THE PATS ARE GOING TO THE SUPERBOWL!!!!!!


Written by bevanddara

January 23, 2012 at 9:24 am

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