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My Dear, Dear Child…

Somedays I have my blog entry written in my mind,  sign on, read your entry and find that I have to change direction.  Thank you for starting our blog.  Yes, we talk frequently, and I would miss hearing your soft, delicate voice, but I have grown to love being included in your life in this written and pictorial way.  I love seeing pictures of your life and reading about what is on your mind.

I’m touched by the Facebook “friend’s” post, but I also find it heartwarming that you include your pride in your friend’s achievements.  Ashley’s pictures, especially of children, are beautiful!  I LOVE the closeup of the blue-eyed girl.  (I may get that haircut.)

You’ve been asking about Mason’s baby quilt, how did I forget to put a picture on here?  I wish Ashley was close to me, I would hire her to take pictures of my quilts.

I admire my friend Cindy B. because she finishes quilts.   Cindy completed  this applique quilt top in record time. She can show it on Monday night  to the Brandon Quilt Guild speaker, Becky Goldsmith, who designed the pattern!

(Back to my original comment, this was going to be an entry about a quilt that I finished quilting, but that quilt deserves its’ own blog. )

Written by bevanddara

February 7, 2012 at 9:38 pm

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