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Sorry to our readers for my lack of blogging, but I contracted bronchitis.  I was very lucky to have very special nurses-Bogie and Eagle did not leave my side.  2-Putt and LC tried to pretend that I wasn’t sick.

I learned a few things while spending a week in bed.

-One does not have to watch any of the shows that stars the Kardashians to know everything about the Kardashians.

-When your hair is long, it doesn’t take very long to get dreadlocks.  It takes forever to brush the tangles out of your hair.

-Shannon looks like she must be one of the very best mothers in the world.  I think I want to be Harper, that child looks totally entertained and loved.  The picture of Harper and Miller sledding is my new screen saver.) OH MY GOODNESS, THAT”S WAY TOOOOO MUCH SNOW!!!!

-Nothing tastes good when you take an antibiotic called avelox.

-Project Runway allstars has renewed my love for the show.  (Although Kenley will probably win, I will be mad all over again the Mondo didn’t win.)  I LOVE Joanna Coles, the Tim of the show. Austin Scarlett cracks me up!  (Issac Mizrahi, one of the judges, calls him Austin Starlet.)

Well that’s enough educational information for today.  Neil loves the shower curtain.  (Please tick off another mention of Tangerine tango to the counter.)

PS.  Caitlin can have her baby, her quilt is finished!

Written by bevanddara

February 25, 2012 at 8:41 pm

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